Cross-dressing ‘Super Boy‘ stirs up gender debate in China

From CNNgo and Chinahush

Wearing a dress, long wavy hair and some makeup, on the stage of Hunan TV’s popular all male singing talent show Super Boy (inspired by UK’s Pop idol), Liu Zhu (刘著) appears as a sweet-looking college girl. However, he has not come to compete at the wrong show, as he is indeed a boy.

Many doubted his gender. A rude judge with a stage name  ’Anni Meigui’ ( the one in red) that is completely lacking of profession even disrupted several times his singing to question his gender and yelled  ’ I doubt you are male’.

“Are you at the wrong place?” interrupts Anni Meigui, one of the three judges, before Liu Zhu has even started her performance. “You really look and sound like a girl, can I see your ID?”

After Liu Zhu confirms he is at the right place and his voice is natural, Anni Meigui continues her interrogation, “Is your hair real? I still doubt your sex, can we check you? Where do you live? I want to get netizens to human flesh search you!”


Despite the judge’s trouble handling Liu Zhu’s identity as a cross-dresser, an article on praises Liu Zhu for his courage to be who he is. “From the perspective of our traditional standard, Liu Zhu would be seen as perverse. Instead of being a real man, he dresses and acts like a girl, and that violates the traditional male dignity,” begins the article.

I’m really moved by [Liu Zhu's] honesty and courage. Under all the pressure, he’s just being himself, and he’s not afraid of being seen as ‘alien’ by the society. That’s real confidence.
— Zuokan Yunqi, netizen from Chengdu

However, it continues, “Not many people in our society really follow their hearts, for their entire lives, these people are either following the crowd or not brave enough to be who they are. Compared to these people, Liu is a real man.”

For Liu Zhu, the article further argues, saying there is nothing wrong about him dressing and acting like a girl. “Acting the way he feels about himself is the most natural thing to do, and it’s a great thing for him to follow his heart.”

“I think I’m natural. Why is the way I dress unhealthy?” says Liu Zhu in the article, in the face of mounting criticism about his appearance.

At the end of video there  is an interview.

Q: We saw the judge kept questioning your identity. Do you feel bad for it?

A: It’s OK, I’ve got used to it. I knew I would face questions. It’s normal.

Q: You are a boy, why you don’t dress like a boy to this selection?

A: Because I’ve dress like this since I was a child. It’s more nature to keep my dressing style. If I change my dressing for this selection especially, I think it’s very fake.

Q: I have a question. You are really a boy, but do you also dress like a girl in your daily life?

A: Oh…I don’t know how to answer your question. I dress the same way in my daily life, and I’m a real boy.

This video has viewed 2,465,743 times on in five days. Most of the comments below the video are supportive to Liu Zhu…

In some ways, China is changing.

But in other ways…

Cross-dressing boy Liu Zhu eliminated from Super Boy singing contest

Liu’s life tells us, he is not to be categorized, he is one of a kind. He was not different, it is us that are apathetic and cure, and think we are all there is.   These embarrassments are because the distance between us and Liu Zhu. How far part is our thinking is how far away we are from Liu Zhu.   Liu Zhu came prepared, but we were not ready – this was the reason why Liu Zhu was eliminated. People who do not understand, please do not try to find the hand behind the scene, it is not SARFT, not Hunan TV station, it is us, unprepared and desperate.

Liu Zhu’s leaving was “Super Boy’s” correct choice; otherwise, “the consequences are disastrous”. After Liu left, the stage of “Super Boy” is finally healthy, sunny and calm again.

- ChinaHush-

During the show:

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