Longing for being males, Chinese twin sisters, 25, have sex-change ops

A pair of 25-year-old twin sisters from Yunnan Province in southwestern China have successfully received preliminary sex-change operations in a Shanghai hospital to become males, seeing their long-cherished shared dream finally come true.

Both received plastic surgery at the No. 411 Hospital of People’s Liberation Army, the hospital confirmed yesterday with Shanghai Daily. The younger has already returned to her hometown as “she” received the surgery months ahead of her older sister, who boarded a train back home yesterday afternoon.

“The operations on both the twins are successful. They said they would continue to save up from hard work so they can return for their respective last phases of surgery,” said Zhao Yede, the twins’ plastic surgeon.

In China, their legal gender will remain “female” until all the surgical steps are completed and they go through the legal application for a gender-swap registry with the police.

But the question now is whether they will pull through the final move toward the legal change.

“Maybe we will announce the news in the future but now we will just keep it a secret to our friends and fellow townsmen,” said one of the twins, who would not have their names and other personal details revealed out of privacy concerns. “We cannot afford to lose our jobs, which is the main source of our future surgical fund. It will be unavoidable that colleagues would gossip after learning what’s happened.”

The twins worry that media exposure will alarm their villagers and friends and create heavy pressure on their family and relatives, who did not support their sex-change operations.

The twins said they started to realize their difference from other girls in kindergarten. They kept their shared secret from the family until last year when they came across news online that transsexual surgeries were available in Shanghai.

They used the words “stunned” and “embarrassed” to describe the reaction of their parents and older brother to their sex-changing plan. In their hometown, the idea of transsexual surgery is unheard of. The family gave up their strong objection only after both women threatened to never get married as females.

The twins told doctors they believed they were more closely bonded emotionally and more alike each other in both character and personal interests than most other twins. Dressed completely like males and never growing long hair or wearing skirts, the twins had gone to the same schools, including the same college.

They started consulting with the local hospital last July, said Zhao, their surgeon. He said both twins went through professional assessment and were confirmed to have psychosexual traits that qualified them for surgical operations.

“Both of them strongly object to all feminine features such as periods, breasts and wearing skirts. They are confirmed as born patients of transsexual traits,” Zhao said.

This marks the first case in China that twins underwent sex-changing surgery, the doctor said, adding that such experience is very rare globally.

Chongqing mother seeks plastic surgery for 1-year-old daughter

From Want China Times

A mother in the municipality of Chongqing in southwest China reportedly asked a doctor to perform double-eyelid plastic surgery on her 1-year-old daughter, a request which was promptly rejected.

The 30-year-old mother, surnamed Xiao, took her infant daughter to an emergency room and asked Wu Yi, a surgeon, to perform the procedure on her daughter. She asked Wu to give her daughter an extra fold in her eyelids, a popular cosmetic procedure in Asia. Xiao said single-fold eyelids are a flaw and she did not want her daughter to immediately be at a disadvantage in life.

Wu rejected Xiao’s request, saying both medical and general ethics would not allow it, according to the local Chongqing Evening Post. He tried to convince Xiao not to seek to have the procedure performed elsewhere by telling her the human body needs to mature before plastic surgery can be carried out successfully. The head nurse also told Xiao she should not impose her own esthetic standards on her young daughter when the girl is not able to make the choice for herself.

Wu said he has performed procedures on Xiao in the past. “Wanting her daughter to have surgery comes from how she views herself,” said Wu. The decision to have plastic surgery is personal and should not be decided by a parent, the doctor said, adding that plastic surgery at such an early age could cause physical and emotional damage to the child.


Wu Yi 吳一

Chongqing Evening Post 重慶晚報

Do U wanna see everyone naked? X-ray glasses strike back from China!

Do you remember the weird ads from the 70s cheap comics promoting X-ray glasses to see through clothes and walls?

The most desired gadget by young nerds of 30 years ago, are eventually come back in China, in a sophisticated and far more expensive version. Original versions (X Ray Spex, X Ray Gogs) were more sci-fi and naive of the new Chinese version. The Chinese X-ray goggles are presented as the evolution of the latest technologies of American espionage. This technology is finally available for contact lenses due to the thin membrane with a high technological content. What about the price? Just for today, instead of 1680 yuan (180 euros at current exchange rates), you can get one at the modest sum of 688 yuan (109 USD). Lenses can be found on offer at 788 rmb (125 USD). What are you waiting for? Images accompanying the advertising, if we are not wrong, are taken from a music video of 90s synthpop french band Camouflage, song “X-Ray”.

Exploding Coins Cause Burns on Chinese Baby’s Hands

Watch out for exploding money in China! A small child was injured when a coin he was holding exploded while his mother’s back was turned.

The boy and his mother were at a local shop in Fujian Province when the incident occurred.

She gave him a 1 RMB coin to use on one of the small rides at the shop, then heard a loud bang.

Turning around, she discovered the coin had exploded in her three-year-old son’s hands. He thankfully escaped with just minor burns.

So how did this happen? Well, similar instances of exploding coins have been reported before, typically involving “electric vehicles.”

It has been speculated that a problem with the electrical wiring, combined with something in the coinage, has been causing the currency to explode.


Chinese man’s kidney stolen during 4-day memory loss in Guangdong

A man in Guangdong woke up to find his left kidney gone and an extra of 20,000 yuan (S$3,994) in his pocket after a four-day memory loss, Nanfang Daily reported.

Shu, 28, had just come from Chongqing to Machong town in Guangdong to look for work.

He remembered trying to rent a room before losing his memory, he said.

Shu said he woke up in a hotel room with an aching wound in his stomach. He then got in a taxi to the Machong Hospital.

A doctor at the hospical said the wound on Shu’s belly is new, but he has not seen the money that Shu claimed to get.

Shu now has difficulty urinating and recalls nothing of the four days while he was out.

He is now expecting his family to come and take care of him.

Police are investigating.


Chinese border residents buy North Korean bride with a bag of rice

by China Whisper

Today, in our eyes, marrying a foreign girl or a foreign husband is not difficult as long as both sides have love. This is also a shortcut for lots of girls who want to enjoy a fairly comfortable life, but for North Korea girls all this is like asking for moon. They can not marry men out of North Korea according the law and can not even go abroad, because they do not have a passport,North Korea does not allow citizens to own private passports.

That’s mainly because when they see the outside world, they will not return toKorea. But Kim Jong-il himself has two foreign marriages, the second wife is a South Korean movie star, and third wife a Korean fromJapan, both can be called “foreigners”.

Korean girls in poverty are also eager to marry a wealthy foreigner, while when the normal foreign registration channel was closed after by North Korean government, they can only turn to illegal immigration. Usually there are two smuggling ways: one is to walk across the ice ofYaluRivertoChinaside at winter night, the other is to bribe North Korean border guard with money.

If any Chinese man takes a fancy to a Korean beauty, in most cases they will get the girl by bribery, and usually 100 Yuan or a bag or rice can make it, but the majority of the North Korea brides are illegal immigrants trafficked to China.

The China side also needs regular procedures to get married, but they can not do that, many Korean bride even giving birth to child are still unregistered household and have to hide everyday.

If tipped off these Korean brides will be sent back to North Korea while waiting for them is a notorious flattery of “traitor” and prison. According to the laws of North Korea, for the first repatriation fromChinathey will be sentenced to reeducation through labor for one year, the second three years, and the third five years.

Nowadays in rural areas of Yanbian, Jilin Province,Northeast China, many people will lend a hand and introduce hungry North Korean girls to locals as wife. Some village even has more than 10 North Korean brides, some of whom are bought from traffickers for a 10,000 Yuan.

They can understand, speak Chinese and are satisfied with life in China, but fear of being sent back to North Korea grips them.

Longing for a better life is not wrong! When can the North Korean bride be like a Vietnam bride who can get married to foreigners freely?

In rural villages of the border many Chinese men buy Korean girls as wife, especially for those in poverty or with disability. Traffickers seize this market, traffick a lot of Korean girls and sell to the villagers 10,000 Yuan per girl.

These Korean girls look good, work hard and care for the elderly. Most of them can understand and speak Chinese in a few months and they are very satisfied with life here.

But we all know, these girls are black households, marrying them has a risk. For rural people, human nature and feelings between people gain the upper hand, they feel as long as people do not report, officials will not investigate that, and this kind of live is also very good.

Of course these girls do not want to go back toNorth Korea, It was a very poor place, and people there even suffer from starving everyday just like China in its 50s and 60s.

Chinese people want to go to developed countries like Europe and theUnited States, most are likely to fulfill their dream of gold, but North Korean come toChinamainly in order to solve their food and clothing problems. If it is not intolerable, who are willing to risk their lives to flee their own country and do not want to go back?

Below are pictures of these North Korean wives and children (their farther are Chinese) living in China side villages.

Teens get prison sentence in South Korea bullying case

SEOUL, South Korea — A South Korean court sentenced two teenagers to prison terms Monday after they admitted bullying a school classmate until he committed suicide.

The two, both 15, were sentenced to terms of three years and three and a half years. The Daegu District Court said the teens’ prison terms could be reduced by a year, depending on their behavior while in prison, according to South Korea’s Yonhap news agency.

Beginning in April 2011, the two forced the victim to play online games on their behalf, took the game winnings and beat him frequently, according to the court.

The teens also admitted to taking food from the victim’s home, pushing his head into the sink and forcing him to eat biscuits off the ground, the court said.

The victim killed himself by jumping off a building last December, naming his assailants in a suicide note.

The incident sent shock waves across the country and led to police and prosecutors cracking down on school bullying.

While neither of the plaintiffs have a criminal record, the court said in a statement, prison terms were issued because of the outcome and seriousness of the crime and high public criticism.

The parents of the bullied student, who are both schoolteachers, filed suit earlier this month against the school, its head teacher and principal, and the parents of both convicted middle school students, Yonhap said.

This story was written and provided by the CNN Wire service.

New school turned into garage 2 weeks after opening

A village’s primary school built with donated funds has been turned into an auto dealership, and villagers say the local government in Weinan, Northwest China’s Shaanxi province, must intervene.
The zone’s administrative committee is taking action to regain the school, Yan Feng, office director of Weinan Hi-Tech Development Zone’s social affairs bureau, which is in charge of education, told China Daily on Monday.
Those measures include having any construction for the dealership removed from the school, Yan said. In addition, the bureau is urging the village managing committee to rescind the lease and prepare for the students to return.
“The pupils are expected to return to the school before the end of March, for there are a number of matters that need to be worked out between the village and the auto dealer,” Yan said.
The school, Zhaocun Yifu (Run Run Shaw) Primary School, was built in Zhaocun at a cost of 1.9 million yuan ($302,000), of which more than 254,000 yuan was donated from a fund of the Hong Kong philanthropist Run Run Shaw. The rest of the money came from a local government bureau and the village.
Construction was completed by the end of 2009, and about 100 students from the village had lessons in it for two weeks in May 2010. They were then sent back to their old school.
The new building and schoolyard had been rented out by the village committee to the auto dealer for 10 years for 1.75 million yuan.
The village committee said that a high-speed railway about 20 meters from the school grounds is a threat to the students’ safety and the sound of passing trains disturbed the classes.
“In addition, the village owed money to the construction crew, so the village committee decided to temporarily rent the school out to get money to pay the builders,” said Li Wusheng, director of the village’s supervision committee.
Liang Jun, a lawyer for the auto dealer, said the company did not know the building and yard were built with donations, otherwise they would not have leased it.
“We signed the lease with Zhaocun village committee in August, 2010, and have invested more than 10 million yuan to build the showrooms, repair workshops and warehouses in the school for car business. We hope the government departments involved will safeguard the legitimate interests of both the villagers and our company,” Liang said.
The villagers were angry about the leasing contract, and one of the them, Li Xiuxiu, said that the classrooms in the old school were unstable and the ground would shift and sink during rainy days.
According to the administrative committee of Weinan Hi-Tech Development Zone, where the village is located, the former village leader has been suspended and the village committee’s three-year term is coming to an end.
“The school’s lease and any negotiations involved in the matter should be dealt with after the election of a new village committee, and we will urge that committee to correct it as soon as possible,” Yan said.
“China’s Education Law clearly states that donated property should be used in accordance with the purpose that was intended,” said Zeng Jia, deputy director of Law School in Northwest University in Xi’an, capital of Shaanxi province.
SOURCE: China Daily

Video of Chinese man imitates English accents of 9 countries goes viral

With rhythmic tone, exaggerated funny face expressions, coupled with a very unique music, a Dalian guy Zhang Xu imitates English accents of 9 different countries including Japan, South Korea, Britain, India, France, Italy, the United States,Russia and China in the video.
The video was posted by Zhang Xu on February 11. The video soon became the most popular one on Chinese video sharing website Youku. Zhang Xu also got an nickname “Dongbei (Northeast) English Brother.”
In the 7 minutes’ video, Zhang Xu started with: ” Hello, everyone, I am a young guy from Northeast China. Today I’m going to imitate how different foreigners introduce their countries in English. I hope you will like it.”
Zhang Xu said: “I never thought this video was so popular online.” he was born in 1983 and graduated from the Dalian University with TEM8 (TEM8 Test for English major). Now he works responsible for auditing the orders in a foreign company.
People from different countries have different language characteristics, expressions and accents are different, I am under a lot of pressure to do it well.” said Zhang Xu, His colleagues are responsible for orders around the world and often deal with customers in different countries, So he consulted his colleagues about linguistic characteristics of different countries.
“Every episode was recorded over 10 times, it took me three months to complete it.” said Zhang Xu.

Things that foreigners find annoying about life in Japan


When you live in a new environment, it can be very exciting. However, life in a different culture is not exciting all the time. In fact, there can be times when you find certain things annoying.

Here are some examples given by foreign people living in Japan from an article in MADAME RiRi.

– Loud voices coming from megaphones (Man from Vancouver)
“There seem to be people’s voices blaring from megaphones or microphones all over Japan such as JR and bars. It is annoying. The words, ‘How was it?’ and ‘Thank you’ stuck in my head and I cannot get them out of my mind.”

– Repeating similar adjectives (Man from Brussels)
“‘Oishii’(Tastes nice), ‘Kirei’ (Beautiful), ‘Samui’ (Cold), ‘Atsui’ (Hot), ‘Sugoi’ (Awesome)…If foreign people understand these words’ meaning, they can understand at least 25% of Japanese people’s conversation.”

– BGM at shops (American man)
“It always seems so loud and sticks in my mind afterwards.”

– School students on bicycles (American man from Canada)
“I often see students commuting to school, lined up across a road, and they don’t pay any attention to cars coming behind them. I get irritated that they seem to think they own the road.”

– Endless waiting for traffic lights, especially when I am in a car (Man from Cambridge, England)

– Cannot read kanji (61-year-old American man)
“I cannot read Japanese newspapers or signs with kanji. It’s not Japan’s fault; it’s my fault.”

– Japanese people praise me when I use chopsticks (Westerner living in Vietnam)

– Compliments that my Japanese is good, sounds when customers come into and leave convenience stores, loud BGM at supermarkets and department stores, speeches before election (Woman from Scotland)

– Impersonal life (Chilean woman)

“Bosozoku” motorcycle gangs (Man from the U.S. Midwest)
“Motorcycle noise is so loud. At noon, it might be OK, but late at night or early in the morning, it is really annoying.”

– Lack of critical thinking (American man)

– Early morning sun in summer (Canadian man)
“It gets light at 4:30 a.m. There must be a better way to optimize sunlight efficiently.”

– I haven’t been to Japan yet (I’m going to, soon), and I am scared that Japanese people will ignore me and that I’ll have some troublesome experiences there. (American woman)

– Poor insulation (Norwegian)
“Japanese winters feel 10 degrees colder than Norway. I’m always freezing because the inside of homes is not warm.”

– Crowds (Man from Latvia)

– Japanese people cannot speak other languages well, they wear suits in the hot summer, perverted old men on trains. (Dutch man)

– I’m often the tallest in a crowd of people, and I get stared at when I practice karate (English man)

So there you are. Still, if you find some things troublesome, it means you know Japan better, says MADAME RiRi.